Kylie Crabb

2013-KylieCrabbRev Kylie Crabb

Keynote Speaker in 2013

Theme: Sustaining Discipleship: Keeping the Faith when Things get Tough

Biography (from 2013):

Kylie is a Uniting Church Minister, with a long-standing interest in the lived experience of faith and questions of discipleship. Part of this interest was shaped by an Order of St Stephen placement (now almost 15 years ago!) working with Intentional Christian Communities, and part by encountering the everyday political and pastoral challenges to faith with which all communities struggle.

Kylie is currently working on a doctorate at Oxford, looking at the ways in which Hebrew and Greek literature present God’s involvement in human history – with a focus on Luke-Acts. Apart from academic stimulation, this is also providing Kylie with ample opportunity for activities like playing hockey in ‘light snow’ and other such wonders of the English climate.Kylie looking forward to School of Discipleship and all that may emerge from our conversations about perseverance and faith.